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How To Create Google My Business Post To Get Best Results

If you own a physical store, there is nothing better than utilizing the power of Google My Business posts to give a major lift to your marketing efforts. GMB is a potent method to achieve local search rankings on Google search engine and reach your audience easily. Remember, you are giving instant information to your customer base when you post on Google My Business. This improves business visibility as well as discoverability quotient online. 

GMB is useful to continuously engage your customer. Suppose someone searches for social media marketing training in Mumbai and finds an institute. Important details like opening hours, address, latest updates can be shown easily. Also, new students searching for the best institute can easily gauge the trust factor by reading reviews.

Another reason why you should use Google My Business post is that Google as a search engine always looks to give the best experience to the user by providing high quality and useful data. You must, therefore, use GMB posts to regularly update relevant and useful information for your customer.

Google provides you with different types of GMB posts you can create according to your business needs. On the GMB dashboard, you will find different options like What’s New, Update, Events, Offers, Products. In 2020, they have added a COVID-19 Update tab which can be used to tell the latest status about your stores. It stays live for 14 days as of now. 

You can use the post type and add content, images, videos, CTA, URL. Here are some best practices and expert tips which you can follow to get the best results:


GMB posts can contain text up to 300 words or 1500 characters. While you can use that much content to provide extensive details to your customers, limit it to 100 words or 300 characters. This is because only the first few words will show up on the search and rest customer will have to click on read more.

It is essential that the copy must be catchy and engaging so that customer may click through. Also, avoid using hashtags like in social media platforms as they are irrelevant in GMB.  

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos can be added and they need to be top-notch. Do not compromise on the quality of the media you are uploading. Especially if you have products to showcase like food, clothing, jewellery etc., upload only the best. This can turn casual visitors into customers. 

Even local businesses can show their physical stores and give a glimpse of what customers can expect. 

Best image size is considered to be 750 x 750. Avoid image size smaller than 250 x 250. 


There is a wide range of call to action buttons you can use for your post. It includes:

  • Buy
  • Learn More
  • Book an appointment
  • Order Online
  • Get Offer
  • Sign Up
  • Event

Make sure to link the button to your website or landing page and provide an easy and seamless experience to the customer. This is where you can attain leads and get conversions.


Just like many other Google tool, GMB provides you with the option of using analytics. Gain valuable insights on your posts and how they are performing. Learn about the post views, customer engagement, and customer reviews and modify GMB posts accordingly. 

GMB Post calendar

Similar to your social media calendar, you can create a GMB post calendar for a whole month. Give time and strategize what kind of posts will excite and engage your customer, what value your posts add to your business and how can you leverage it to make profits. When executed successfully, GMB can be the cornerstone for your SEO, Social, Branding, PR strategies and campaigns. 

GMB posts on desktop and mobile look different. Therefore, always preview how the post looks on both devices and check if there is any text or picture which is cut. Once you optimize posts, upload it successfully. 

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