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Display Advertising & Terminology Course

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display ads and terminology

Display Advertising And Terminology Course

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Total Course Duration – 3 Hours, 19 Mins
Course Validity – 45 Days
Comes with Introduction Course worth Rs. 4,199 for FREE

Topics Covered

  • What are Display Ads?
  • Types of Display Platforms?
  • What is AD Network and How they work?
  • About Google Display Network – Largest Ad Network
  • Display Advertising Terminology
  • Targeting Parameters in Display Advertising

About Display Advertising and Terminology Course

With the growing number of internet users, businesses are using display advertising to reach maximum audience with different objectives like brand awareness, product promotion, leads, sales and profits. With Basecamp Digital’s Display advertisement training online, you can become an expert in this field and help businesses grow. 

If you are a fresher out of school or a graduate, learning display advertising can open big job opportunities for you in digital marketing agencies, big and small corporations and start-ups. Freelancing opportunities, part-time jobs are also available in this field to earn extra income. If you are a management or marketing professional looking to change your career, the Google display advertising course is most popular today. As the most number of people can be reached on Google, businesses are spending more money on Google Ads. You can add this important skill to the resume and help companies. To become a certified professional, you can take the Google Ads Display Certification test. This course will help you pass the Advertisement Google ads display advertising certification assessment.

The display advertising online course also gives great insights to entrepreneurs, business heads and CEOs of companies regarding its benefits, ROI parameters, campaigns and much more. Join the course today at Basecamp Digital!

What you’ll learn

  • What are Display Ads?
  • Types of Display Platforms?
  • What is AD Network and How they work?
  • About Google Display Network – Largest Ad Network
  • Display Advertising Terminology
  • Targeting Parameters in Display Advertising

Why display advertising training program?

Google display advertising course will give you a better understanding of the theoretical and practical aspect of this field. The professionals and expert tutors who have run hundreds of display advertisement campaigns will help you to learn all the basic as well as advanced concepts easily. It will help you plan and execute campaigns according to the goals set which may include boosting brand awareness. 

With the Google ads display certification course you will be able to learn optimizing techniques, target audience in better ways, learn best practices, design, sell and buy ads, a better understanding of metrics and much more. The best thing about display advertising is that it is less expensive than other forms of advertisement. Thus the demand for experts in the field is very high.

The online display advertising training program will help you learn in the comfort of your home. There is no more any need to take the risk and attend physical classes. The modules are so designed that you can learn with a laptop and an internet connection. Once you complete the course you will be more confident, better at cracking interviews and it will help you get the best jobs.


  • The image ads or animated ads appear on the Google Display Network which consists of a collection of websites, mobile sites and apps. 


Know more about our Head Trainer!

Pritesh Patel is one of the leading digital marketing mentor, speaker and a consultant with more than 17 years of experience in the industry. As the head of the digital marketing training institute Basecamp Digital, his sole aim is to simplify digital marketing concepts for thousands of students, professionals and business heads and develop the next generation of experts. 

Pritesh has held multiple leadership roles at some of the top companies in the world and has a great record of helping businesses to achieve their digital marketing objectives. He is the founder of an ad agency as well, helping to boost the digital ecosystem and digital companies worldwide. 

Learn Display Advertising course from Pritesh Patel. Enroll today!

What are the display ads, how many types of display ads and what are the benefits?

Display ads are used by brands to promote themselves, their products and services or offers. These ads, in the form of image and animation, are displayed across the websites available in Google Display Network and reach the target audience. Different types of display ads include banners, square images and animation. The specialized categories include Responsive display ads, Retargeting display ads, Native ads, Social Ads. 

The major benefit of using display advertising is that it reaches a vast number of people at the same time. It is less expensive than traditional ads which reach a very small population. Thus, display advertising training program can help anyone learn the skills. Corporates looking for the best talents can also hire after learning about display advertising. Also, a large sum of money is being spent on digital platforms to boost business growth and profits. Become an expert with display advertising training provided by Basecamp Digital.