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Here’s How You Can Boost Social Media Engagement Creatively

Social media marketing is much more than just using cool emojis and popular hashtags. To boost social media engagement, you need a strategy that works. There are millions and billions of people using social platforms and the number of business and start-ups using the same for promotion, engagement and sales have increased too. 

There are multiple ways brands are engaging customers. But if you have taken a social media marketing training course, you know creativity is the most desired trait in a social media marketer. 

Brands need to engage customers for a long period of time. This kind of sustained engagement is possible only through creativity. Here are few of the popular ways you can achieve the engagement goal in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Social media content 

Content can make or break a brand in the social media platform. Before you start creating content, know your audience. Based on their interests, likes, behaviour and mindset, create a content strategy around it. Copywriting skill is important here to ace social media content. Different copywriting types like quirky word-play, humorous, fact-based, personalized, informative content can be used with creative designs to appeal to the senses, depending on the brand and business identity.

Contests, Polls, Surveys, Quiz, Giveaways

When you create a content calendar, makes sure to include a lot many interesting ways to engage the audience. Create contests and promote them to maximize participation. Include prizes and giveaways to the winners which will increase brand awareness as well as improve trust and authority. In-between the weeks, you can put up interesting polls, surveys and even quiz to give something new to the audience. This will keep the audience interested in your page which is buzzing with activities.

Influencer marketing

Take the help of influencers to market your brand, products and services. This will open up new sales opportunities as your brand will look more real and people will be willing to engage with you positively. Of course, you need to approach the right social media influencers and make a plan on how to use it strategically.

Be responsive

Social media platforms are a very fragile place. A review of your brand has a lasting impact and effect on the brand image among the common people. Therefore, be responsive to all the comments, reviews or any possible customer interaction points on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be original and make it real for people. Your response will certainly make each individual feel special.

You can even use comments to creatively respond to customers or even those who are competitors. Healthy banter on social media is a regular feature too.

User-generated content

Remember to use user-generated content as much as possible in social media platforms. People prefer to see what their fellow beings feel about your brand. For example, if you are running a social media campaign for a hotel, make sure to ask the guests to share their photos and vacation experience to be shared on social platforms tagging the brand.

In the same way, customer testimonials can be sought from them instead of waiting for them to post on social media accounts. This too will support your social media immensely.

Visually appealing

Whatever brand you handle on social media, it is important to build a brand identity of its own. 

The themes and colour you choose for the cover page, profile photo and post designs must capture the attention of the audience. Visual appeal and the whole experience of visiting your page plays an important role in keeping the customer engaged for a long time.


If the audience is interested in anything today, it is a video. Though it is not always possible to include videos regularly in your content calendar, use it creatively and smartly. 

You can use Live video features to share something new about your brand. There are now easy and cost-effective tools to record videos and engage users.

With a big budget, you can always create appealing videos to push the brand in front of new audience and prospect.

Latest trends

Use the latest trends to engage the user. Social media platforms are very dynamic. Nothing lasts forever. Interests and behaviour change over time pretty quickly. 

Opinions matters for a short period now. Therefore, keep an eye on everything happening around you and use it for social media posts, response management and social media strategy as well.

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