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Now you can learn Google Analytics free at Basecamp Digital. All the study material, top-rated resources, content and videos are available without any charges or fees. All you need to do is to enroll for the free online Google analytics course now!

The importance of Google Analytics has increased so much as there is a large amount of data and information stored on digital mediums and online channels. Millions of people are using a search engine like Google and visit websites to find useful information regarding brands, products and services. The same people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. This has made businesses use these channels to reach their audience, engage with them and make profits. 

Therefore, there is an important role for Google Analytics experts today as it is used with all digital platforms and other online channels. The Google Analytics course free will teach you all the basics and cover fundamentals which in turn will help businesses. 

If you are a student who has just finished class 12 or a fresher looking for a career, learn Google analytics free at Basecamp Digital. It will give you a good foundation for the future. There are a large number of companies in India and the world that use digital platforms and they need Google Analytics professionals who can get valuable data from their digital marketing efforts. You can get part-time jobs, freelancing opportunities or permanent job in this field with hard work and necessary skills and experience. Free online web analytics course is also a popular option that has wide learning scope comparing to Google Analytics. 

Those in the digital marketing industry can learn new skills with the free online Google analytics course. Irrespective of whether you are a social media expert, SEO expert, PPC expert or content writer, you can learn about Google Analytics which will help in your career. Similarly, the heads and managers running digital marketing agencies can learn as well with the Google Analytics course free. Those working men and women who are more interested in using their technical skills can opt to learn Google analytics free and switch their career if they wish. It is an exciting as well as challenging job and you can get good salaries as well. Those in management level, marketing departments can also choose the free online web analytics course to get good positions in companies. 

Basecamp Digital’s Google analytics course free is also designed for CEOs, business heads, decision-makers and senior-level managers. You can learn about Google Analytics, its importance in Digital marketing, how much ROI and profits is possible etc. It can help HR managers to hire the best talents in the field as well.

Web analytics is a complex mix of metrics and data. Google analytics course free will cover which metrics are most important for different platforms, how to track the performance of digital marketing campaigns, the response of the customer, consumer behaviour, web activity of the user, interests etc. What’s more, you will learn to activate Google Analytics for websites and other platforms. Once you finish the free online web analytics course, you will be ready to analyze the data, metrics and if the goals are achieved or not. Thereafter, you can suggest different ways in which marketing efforts can be made better as per the business goals. 

Enroll for the Google Analytics course free today!

The future of Google Analytics is bright because the use of online technology, the internet and mobile devices are increasing at a fast rate. Therefore, take the first step by learning Google Analytics free at Basecamp Digital. For more information about web analytics course free contact us at any time.

What you learn

Basecamp Digital is one of the leading digital marketing and Google Analytics training institutes located in Mumbai, India. The practical and theoretical learning modules, high-quality teaching, experienced professionals as tutors will help you learn the basics of Google Analytics, the latest Google Analytics tools, an overview of the Google Analytics career and how you can become an expert in this field.

  1. How to set up Google analytics – You will learn how to set up Google Analytics which is the first step, how to integrate it with different platforms, the important features and much more.
  2. Understand basic reports – You will learn how to understand the available metrics on Google Analytics, analyze what is important for business and compile valuable basic reports for the business.
  3. How to analyse data with Google Analytics – There are different ways in which you can interpret data available on Google Analytics. You can learn these strategies from industry experts with this free course.
  4. How to set up conversion goals in Google Analytics – The final objective is to get conversions for any business. You will learn how to set up conversion goals in Google Analytics and extract the best information for best results.

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