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Social media may seem like a good platform to make new friends, do chatting and share the best photos and videos. But it is much more than that today. You can earn a good income from social media platforms or you can run your business using these platforms. Companies all over the world, big and small, are utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others to expand their business, engage customers, spread information, generate leads, conversions and profits. Do you want to know how? Join the social media marketing course online free only at Basecamp Digital. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything, zero charges, and zero money. To access the social media marketing course free, you have to enroll on the course with us. 

Why should you learn social media marketing free? If you are a student who has passed class 12th and use all the social media platforms for fun, you can now make a career out of it. The free social media marketing course will teach you all the basic concepts of social media platform, how they function, how can you set up business-focused pages, what should be the content, how to optimize profiles, engage and build an audience, advertisement opportunities and much more. Once you complete the social media marketing course free you can choose to do freelancing or part-time jobs to earn good extra income every month. You can get national as well as international projects for social media marketing their brands, products and services. Also, you can help your personal business or shops with effective social media marketing in small and big cities alike. 

Basecamp Digital’s free social media marketing course online is designed to help all those working professionals who are looking for new job opportunities in exciting field of digital marketing. You can learn all the social media concepts of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and how it helps businesses. This additional skill can get you jobs as well. Once you learn social media marketing free you can use what you have learned to create campaigns, social media theme for different brands, social media plan & strategy, social media calendar, social media content and how to add value to the social media audience etc. 

The free social media marketing will also be helpful for content writers, content marketers, search engine optimization specialists and search engine specialists to add this skill to their resume. If you are aiming to become a digital marketing manager or digital marketing head, the free  social media marketing course can be very useful to you. This will give you an overall understanding of how social media is an important part of digital marketing and how it can be used effectively. 

The experts and industry professionals have designed this social media marketing course online free which will help entrepreneurs, heads, managers, decision-makers, senior-level executives to understand social media marketing better. It will help you to ask the right questions and hire digital marketing agencies. The HR Managers will be able to hire the right social media executive and managers for their companies with social media marketing course free.

Learn social media marketing free. Join the course today!

There are many institutes that claim of providing the best online social media marketing courses. However, there are only a few that can be trusted. Basecamp Digital’s tutors and mentors are highly qualified with a great reputation for teaching social media marketing in a simple and easy way. The modules are also designed to help everyone understand the basics easily. Whether you are an engineer, marketer, management professional or student, the social media marketing course will be easy to understand for you. 

The social media marketing course free will cover all the basics of all social media platforms. You will learn about the best and popular social media sites used by businesses. You will be introduced to social media engagement, its importance, latest strategies, trends etc. Additionally, you can learn about social media audience and how it is different from traditional audience, how you can target them better etc. It is important to learn what kind of content like text, video, animation, gif will work on social media. There are many do’s and don’ts of social media which you should know. 

Social media platforms also help in understanding the performance, make necessary changes and begin again. You can also learn the basics of social media analytics, optimization techniques, promotion, advertisement, budget etc. Moreover, you can learn about social media tools, automation, and how to measure ROI and profits from it. 

What you learn

  1. Facebook Marketing – You will learn the basics of the most popular social media platform today which is Facebook and how it can be used for achieving business goals and marketing objectives.
  2. LinkedIn Marketing – LinkedIn marketing is helpful for brands to connect with business professionals. The free social media marketing course will cover the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing.
  3. Twitter Marketing – Many brands are using Twitter marketing creatively to boost engagement with customers and make the right noise. Now learn for free how Twitter marketing works with the help of experts.
  4. Best practices – Learn best practices that need to be followed in different social media platforms to achieve the best results for brands. Learn about the dos and don’ts of social media as well.

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