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Programmatic Advertising Course

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Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Advertising Course

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Total Course Duration – 2 Hours, 11 Mins
Course Validity – 45 Days

All topics covered in

  • Definition & Introduction to Programmatic Buying
  • Why Programmatic Buying is Important?
  • How Programmatic Buying works?
  • Advantage of Programmatic Buying
  • Understanding Programmatic Platforms
  • Understanding DSP, SSP, Retargeting, RTB etc
  • About Trading Desk, DMP, Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges

About Programmatic Advertising Course

Digital marketing is growing at a fast rate. As the number of internet users and smartphones increases, the use of digital marketing channels by businesses has increased as well. Also, the consumer behavior online has changed drastically. Programmatic Advertising is the future of marketing and it is a combination of technology, data, media and advertising. The career scope in this field is huge. This is the reason why Basecamp Digital is providing Programmatic advertising course online to help you understand and learn everything there is to know about Programmatic advertising in 2022.

If you have just completed schooling and you are someone who is looking for a new and challenging career in the digital marketing field, Programmatic advertising course online is for you. As more and more businesses are using Programmatic advertising to make profits in the online world, they need talented professionals who can manage Programmatic advertising for them. With more experience and learning, you can easily become an expert in the field and help businesses achieve their display advertising goals. You can become an in-demand professional by joining the Programmatic advertising course online at Basecamp Digital. For more information regarding the course and its scope, contact us. 

Working professionals of any industry can learn Programmatic advertising, real time bidding in programmatic and switch to this exciting career with this online course. You don’t need any degree or diploma to join this course. Basic knowledge of how digital marketing and display advertising works can be helpful. If not, do not worry, the industry experienced tutors at Basecamp Digital will teach you everything. The Programmatic advertising course online can be taken in the comfort of your home. Modules are developed in a simple to understand manner and all the concepts will be explained in easy language so that you can learn fast. Once you attend the programmatic course online, you will be able to attend interviews with confidence. Also, this new skill can be added to your resume which will help you in getting good positions. Marketers in traditional, as well as the digital medium, can learn and earn much more salary with Programmatic advertising course online. You can help the companies in which you are working with your updated knowledge. 

Programmatic advertising is the future of display advertising and thus businesses need to have a good understanding of it. With Basecamp Digital’s Programmatic advertising course online, you will come to know how it works, its importance, how it can be used for better ROI, why it is the future of marketing, important KPIs, how to hire talents and much more. 

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Best Programmatic Courses online and Its components

Are you ready to make a career in Programmatic Advertising? You can learn the basic concepts as well as gain complete understanding with the programmatic course online. Digital advertising campaigns consist of a number of channels, technology platforms, bidding strategies, partnerships and much more. Most of it has to be done manually. However, Programmatic media buying is aimed at transforming how digital ads work online. 

In simple words, Programmatic course online will teach you different components like how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is used to buy advertising in real time avoiding human negotiations. Additionally, you will learn programmatic ecosystem, buying strategies, real time bidding in programmatic and tactics to make the best use of it. 

The programmatic course online provided by Basecamp Digital will further help you learn in-depth about how the business can grow with fewer resources, how to minimize unresponsive bid requests, how to analyze data, how you can save operational cost and develop a strong programmatic ecosystem, learn important concepts like DSP, SSP, DMP, etc. platforms. The skills related to display, video, audio campaigns, analytics, foundation and advanced level of attribution, reporting capabilities will make you an in-demand professional in the field. 

Join the programmatic course online today to make a better career and the best future. 

What you’ll learn

  • Definition & Introduction to Programmatic Buying
  • Why Programmatic Buying is Important?
  • How Programmatic Buying works?
  • Advantage of Programmatic Buying
  • Understanding Programmatic Platforms
  • Understanding DSP, SSP, Retargeting, RTB etc
  • About Trading Desk, DMP, Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges

Programmatic courses online and It benefits

The programmatic advertising course online is one of the best courses you can take today as a student, professional or entrepreneur wanting to boost business growth. The traditional way of digital advertisement where things were done manually is gradually being automated. Thus, the learning from this course will benefit you a lot. The course covers theoretical as well as practical learning topics that will provide the best knowledge to take any projects related to it. The qualified tutors are good at simplifying concepts like real time bidding in programmatic, optimization, Demand-side platform, Supply-side platform, Data Management Platform and much more for you. 


  • Programmatic media buying uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to buy ads in real-time as a user visits a website. You can learn more with programmatic course online at Basecamp Digital.


Know more about our Head Trainer!

Pritesh Patel is one of the leading digital marketing mentor, speaker and a consultant with more than 17 years of experience in the industry. As the head of the digital marketing training institute Basecamp Digital, his sole aim is to simplify digital marketing concepts for thousands of students, professionals and business heads and develop the next generation of experts. 

Pritesh has held multiple leadership roles at some of the top companies in the world and has a great record of helping businesses to achieve their digital marketing objectives. He is the founder of an ad agency as well, helping to boost the digital ecosystem and digital companies worldwide. 

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