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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular career choices in India and abroad. Basecamp Digital is now offering Search Engine Optimization course free for you. Yes, that is right. Now you can learn SEO free without spending any money. This is an amazing opportunity for students who have just passed out of class 12 to join this course and learn SEO online step by step free. It will help you gain so much knowledge about SEO topics. With free SEO learning course, you can use the skills learned for your own personal project. Else, you will be able to take SEO projects from different clients in India and even abroad. This is a great opportunity to earn extra income for students and freshers. You can go ahead and join companies as well with good knowledge.

Inviting all students to join Search Engine Optimization course free!

The free SEO learning course from Basecamp Digital is one of the best options for working professionals to learn about SEO techniques and strategies in a detailed manner. Those who want to switch their career from their current job to the SEO industry can find so much helpful SEO content with this course. Once you learn SEO free, you will be able to attend SEO interviews with confidence and you can easily get jobs in different digital marketing agencies, small businesses, medium businesses, startups, big brands etc. You will be able to earn better and more salaries as you gain more experience and grow in the field. 

All working professionals join the Search Engine Optimization course free today!

Those working in the marketing departments of different countries also have the bright opportunity to learn SEO online step by step free. This will be a great source of knowledge for you to learn about how SEO helps in ranking a website on top of the search engine results page, how to rank keywords, how it helps businesses to grow digitally and much more. Also, it will be a good addition to your resume and overall skills. Most businesses are now looking for different methods to engage with their customers and general audience through websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. You can use your SEO skills to help the companies you are working in to achieve marketing goals. 

The Basecamp Digital’s free Search Engine Optimization course will also help entrepreneurs, decision-makers, CEOs and manager level executives in companies. Nowadays there are many digital marketing agencies that provide SEO services to brands. With this exciting learn SEO free course, you will be able to understand everything about SEO, how it gives ROI and profits, how it is good for marketing, which digital channels are best, how to recruit SEO experts and professionals and much more.

Learn from industry professionals, experienced mentors and qualified tutors in the digital marketing and SEO field. Enroll for the Search Engine Optimization course free now!

As more and more people are using the internet and smartphones, businesses are using online platforms to market their products and services. There is a huge competition among brands to use online or digital channels to succeed. They need talented SEO Managers, SEO experts, SEO executives and SEO Heads to manage their business online. Anyone with good knowledge about SEO and having the experience of handling SEO is in high demand. 

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the web. Learn SEO free has become so common that it has lost its credibility. We are on a mission to provide you with the best-in-class modules for learning SEO in the best way possible. With a free SEO learning course, you will learn about SEO on-page, off-page techniques, keyword ranking strategies, content writing and marketing for SEO, SEO analytics, the importance of website, landing page, etc. This is a beginner level course which will clear the basics for you. You will be able to learn about search engines working, how to index websites, how to optimize websites, URL structure, Google ranking factors, link building and more. At the end of the free SEO course, you will be able to make plans, build strategies, measure SEO performance and understand different important SEO tools to be used.

There is a huge scope for freelancers, freshers, graduates and even young entrepreneurs to make a successful career in this SEO field. You can open your own SEO agency with the necessary skills. Contact us to know more about the Search Engine Optimization course free.

What you learn

Basecamp Digital is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai, India with quality tutors and industry professionals, who will teach you the basics of Search engine optimization, the latest SEO techniques, an overview of the SEO career and how you can succeed in this field.

  • Keywords role in SEO – Keywords are the most important part of SEO as it is searched by the user on the search engine. You will learn how keywords need to be ranked using different techniques and strategies.
  • On page – You will learn On-page SEO techniques such as Website Audit, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research , Robots.txt Creation, Anchor Text, URL Optimization and much more.
  • Off page – You will have off-page techniques which include Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions, Blog Submissions, Forum Submissions, Image Submissions, Question & Answer Submission, Quora Submissions, Video Submissions and more.
  • Benefits of SEO – SEO helps businesses to be found easily on the web. The increased visibility will boost traffic which means you will have more customers, better profits and business growth.

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