There has been an ever-increasing need of Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, India as technology advancements, big data, new channels and all terms like this have added to the complexity of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem. At BaseCamp Digital, we believe digital marketing media landscape is big, overwhelming and massive, understanding it needn’t be. Our training provides Industry’s most in-depth & practical training from experts who have experience of over 2 decades in digital marketing media.


Hike up – Advance course

The increased use of digital media is changing people’s everyday lives and the way they connect and collaborate in the broader societal context, at work and in society. Upgrading new tactics & skills are essential in providing better opportunities & horizons to individuals & business. Go from a being beginner to highly skilled digital marketing strategist. Join us for an exhaustive course on Digital Marketing and acquire the analytical and business-related skills needed to have a successful career in the digital ecosystem.

Programmatic Ecosystem

If you or your business uses online advertising, you will have heard people raving about how programmatic ads have changed the current landscape. Programmatic ad buying, put simply, is the use of software to buy digital advertising. Whereas the traditional method includes requests for proposals, tenders, quotes and human negotiation. Get a deep know how about the Programmatic Ecosystem with a complete understanding of how DSP, SSP, DMP works.

Sales & Negotiations

There is no doubt that business negotiations have become much more complex in today’s environment, largely due to the availability of information that customers are able to access for every product and service in any industry. Customers have grown more sophisticated and they are often armed with all the information need before talking to a salesperson. Consequently, they do expect to have a different kind of conversation—a much more collaborative, professional, and respectful one—that does not necessarily start with a salesperson’s presentation and end with the customer bargaining over price on an agreed-upon solution.


CXO’s, Sales & Marketing Team, Finance Team, HR Team, CRM Team

Empower the next generation of leaders in your organization with the power of digital marketing. Our corporate programs are customized to the needs of your organization and focus on the techniques and strategies essential to your business. The sessions include a walkthrough of all aspects of digital, social, and interactive media combined with the how-to on developing digital media strategies and implementation. Opt for the standard course plan or chalk out an entirely customised session tailor-made for your team specifically.


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Digital Marketing Courses


Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research is a manifestation of the philosophy of holistic quality education. Set up in 1994, the institute has in its journey so far created a niche for itself in Management Education. It’s our first step towards making Digital Marketing as mainstream education for aspiring candidates towards the digital world. An association with such illustrious institute is a very big achievement for us and we hope to tie-up with other such digital marketing Institutes in Mumbai and across India in the future. Come let’s join hands together and inspire the budding clump to change the future of Digital.



Rahul Surve


It was great learning new sales techniques from Pritesh simplifying the entire sales process. Also, helped to manage the sales pipeline more effectively.

Sales Manager – Zirca Digital Solutions

Gulshan Verma


Far too many speakers train the aspiring candidates for Digital Marketing courses, but the value and quality delivered by Basecamp Digital is unique & eminent. The course content was truly cutting-edge and customized as per our requirements.

“It’s all about value for us and Pritesh Patel has provided us with significant mileage to my team.”

Chief Revenue Officer- Times Internet

Bandana Modi


Pritesh’s session was an eye opener for every salesperson in terms of their daily sales routine and the things we can take for granted. His rich sales background bought in real sales scenarios for us and I deep insight on how we could utilize these to our advantage and improve our overall sales performance. As a salesperson, the session was very valuable and gripping and lots of real sales scenario discussions added to it.

National Lead – Key Agencies – Zirca Digital Solutions

Shaily chhabra

Pritesh is a great mentor and a guide with excellent understanding about the digital landscape .He uses a blend of digital, technical and humanistic approach in the sessions towards imparting knowledge to one and all attending his course. In just four short weeks, we gained good digital insights from him that I will imbibe it now and in the months to come.
These short sessions are great for anyone. I highly recommend it.

Chisy Das


This sales workshop was very insightful. It made absolute sense to me in terms of the Ideologies and their application. I am thankful to my company for having the opportunity to attend. I will implement and encourage my team to use the concepts of daily run rate to track the target/achievement numbers.

Head Account Management - Zirca Digital Solutions

Vivek Nair


A real eye opener, the session was immense both in its depth of information and quality. A definite difference maker on what separates a great salesman from a good salesman.

Executive - Zirca Digital Solutions

Akhilesh Garde


It was an absolute privilege to attend these digital learning sessions under the guidance of Pritesh Patel. At an onset, I would like to thank you for conducting these sessions in a very comfortable environment. In terms of content, we discussed Ad tags, DSP, SSP, & DMP, which helped me understand the different layers between the publisher and the advertiser. The sessions for Content and Native Advertising were very informative, and I got a clear differentiation perspective between both of them.

Your suggestion of always be grounded irrespective of the organization you work for will always be at the back of my mind.

Economic Times

Shafi Gujrati

Undoubtedly one of the best digital learning and interactive sessions conducted by Mr. Pritesh Patel, founder of Basecamp, he is the most experienced person, in the digital marketing space and the best thing was the sharing of case studies and teaching by real-life examples.

I’m thankful to Mr. Pritesh Patel, for giving such a good and vast knowledge of Digital marketing.

Sr- Manager – Sales

Brahmanand Pandey


The training has had a significant impact on the way I will be preparing for meeting in the future. I have picked up a lot of factual information regarding the sources of information, e.g. usage of Pinterest and ghostery etc.

Manager - Zirca Digital Solutions


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