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Top Video Marketing Strategy in 2022

Today, every brand aiming for the next level of growth is leveraging video platforms to advertise their products and services. It’s a no brainer that clients put all the efforts on YouTube for getting brand recognition quickly as it is one of the most popular video platforms in the world today, and we need strong video marketing strategy than could help us to get more exposure.

With increasing interest in videos, a lot of clients are capitalizing on television video commercials to promote brands and use the same videos to promote on YouTube. But there is a caveat in using this method.

Remember, the commercial video advertisements on a television show about brands in the end. On digital platforms, it is an absolute necessity to show your brand in the first 5 seconds of your video ad to be fruitful and gain the desired result. Because, according to a recent study, the attention span of people has declined to just 8 seconds. 

Therefore, it is imperative to use different videos for different platforms. One can easily customize videos as per the platforms on which brands want to advertise.

Moreover, even before you begin planning your video optimization or marketing strategy, it is critical to understand what language does your customer speaks. Thereafter, create a brand voice that customers can easily relate to. Once you understand customer and brand voice, decide which platforms would be optimal for your video marketing campaigns.

Beyond YouTube

Beyond YouTube, there are scores of new and flourishing platforms that can be explored by brands. The evolution of various OTT platforms has opened opportunities galore to advertise. A brand has multiple options like Hotstar, Zee5, Sony Liv and many others.

Here, the selection of an OTT platform should be done wisely. For example, suppose you are a sports equipment company, a platform like Hotstar would be most suitable since one can find more sports-related content.  Or if you are into the entertainment field, Zee5 with a plethora of soap opera content would be beneficial. Therefore, an Advertiser/ Brand should consider genre & audience while selecting the platforms for their video ads.

Why Videos Are A winning Strategy in 2022

Firstly, a few decades ago, the video was an expensive and a long distant priority for brands. But now, it has become affordable and accessible. It is a powerful way to engage the audience, explain the unique selling points of the product and even help customers solve their queries.

There are easy to use video applications, free video software, and premium video creation tools that help you create effective and engaging video content in less time. Startups and small businesses can gain the upper hand by making highly appealing introduction videos, product/service videos and reach target customers through video sharing platforms.

The storytelling and creativity in the advertisement can turn the tide in the brand’s favor when used convincingly. Quality videos are the best way to make a long-lasting impression on the viewer. Furthermore, it will promote the brand as a professional and trustworthy one.

Video content marketing is rely on the principle of creating and distributing valuable content to the targeting audience that could help for engagement, attracting and generating leads.

Secondly, video content is regarded as a more engaging and effective means to attract customers and ultimately achieve conversion. Videos can lead the customers throughout their buying journey from education about the brand up until he/she makes a purchase. Moreover, it can forge a strong relationship between brands and their customers.

If you are in the education industry, comprehensive video tutorials, video courses, and on-demand video channels can be used to engage with potential prospects. You can explore the possibility of creating DIY – Do it yourself videos and create a huge impact on the minds of customers.

Another fascinating way for brands to interact with customers is Live streaming using YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Periscope. The experiential video experience is highly imaginative and one of the most effective ways to amplify your video marketing campaign.

Thirdly, 2022 is going to be the biggest year for video marketing with no sign of video trends going down anytime soon. In fact, there is an increase in the use of video marketing by all the brands and the people have recognized the need for digital video platforms.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has skyrocketed the need for video conferences among world leaders, entrepreneurs, and common people. According to the Confederation of Indian Industry report 2020, meeting through video conferencing is to be promoted than physically present. This is also video content marketing strategy.

More return on investment is expected as videos can bring a large amount of traffic, positive leads and multiple sales opportunities.   Webinars are a great means for lead generation as customers have to submit information to attend them. It also positions a brand as an authoritative and thought leader in the industry.

Trends in Video Marketing

In the near future, video marketing strategy is going to be heavily competitive in nature. The video marketing and advertisement space will see a surge in spending from all the stakeholders and strongly influence growth and profits attained by brands.

In terms of technology, the future as it seems belongs to Virtual Reality to deliver the brand message. It is the latest and the emerging trend in the industry where users can experience real or virtual locations and engage them in yet unforeseen manner. The brands and video marketers are holding their breath until this makes it big in the market.

Video Marketing for Business

Business do video marketing for the sake of brand awareness. Video marketing varies from business to business. We need to make sure that video content has to be valuable to the users otherwise it could ruin your digital presence.

Before creating video just check it out what kind of videos that you can prepare to grow your business

A) Brand Video

Brand video created more impact to the viewers because you are showing them entire business information like who are you, what are you doing, and  achievements and more.

B) Event Videos

Event videos are more powerful to catch the attention, and it will impact more than any other videos type. Does your business hold any kind event or have you attendant any conference. Event Videos helps to share you experience. 

C) Live Videos

I have very few words to say about live videos. I prefer live video only when I have a larger audience. Then only it will make sense for better engagement.

Live video marketing helps to attract a higher engagement rate. Viewers love to see a live video than a video on demand.

D) Question Type Video:

As we all know YouTube is the second largest search engine right? People use it to get more information in the form of videos. Users type the query like how, what, which, why these are compelling search query. You need to make videos using these question word.

There are various companies out there who provide YouTube Marketing services to gain more views and engagement. They also help in to get sales and leads for the same.

The Bottom Line

Brands have realized the potential of video marketing and see it as a game-changer to reach the top. What matters is the right understanding of your audience, excellent video marketing strategy and the right online video platforms for brands to achieve success.  Brands can experience major transformation with the power of video marketing and it turns out to be the most bankable winning strategy in 2022.

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