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Content Marketing

Content is the king in the digital marketing world. Content marketing is the marketing strategy that defines the creation, publishing, and promotion of the content. This is achieved in the form of blog posts, podcasts, emails, and videos. A content marketer will choose various online platforms to promote the content catering to the needs of customers.

It is one of the best tools for educating and making customers aware of the brand and its products. Content also plays an important role throughout the customer’s journey in the sale process. Video form of content is the future of content marketing.

With Basecamp Digital’s content writing course, you will get to learn Latest Content Marketing Trends, Creative Content & Copywriting, Content in SEO & SMM, Content marketing strategies, Content Curation, Static & Video Content.

As content is the base on which all other digital marketing strategies works, brands are looking for creative content writers who can convey the brand message in a clear and concise way, thereby engaging customers. Content for various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn widely varies. Similarly, the expert content marketer knows the target audience and writes content.

It is a good profile for those looking for a career in digital marketing. There are many content marketing institutes in Mumbai but if you are looking for a comprehensive training that is highly valuable, opt for Basecamp Digital.

Native Advertising

Native advertising comprises smartly placed ads in various native advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, apps, publisher websites, and Google Search Engine. It is different than other forms of ads. The native ads are in sync with the feed or the article that you are reading on the website. They fit very well with the user experience and do not disturb the audience reading it.

Consumers engage with native ads more than other forms of advertisement as per industry experts. Also, the native advertising is evolving and it is predicted to the future beating banner ads and display ads that pop up online.

Native advertising training at Basecamp Digital will equip you with the following learning:-

  • In Feed Ads which are widely used in social media
  • Search and Promoted listings which appear with Google search results
  • Content recommendations that appear at the end of an article

Influencer Marketing

Maximizing the reach is the objective of Influencer marketing. There are many micro-influencers who are an authority in their respective fields. They have a large following on social media platforms. Businesses leverage their power to influence and promote their brands with the help of influencers.

Simply put, it is the word of mouth on a large scale online. You can become a well-trained professional in the field with Basecamp Digital’s training program.

You will learn What is Influencer marketing, Different platforms where it can be used, finding the right influencer, Specifying objectives and fitting it in the marketing mix, How to maximize value and profit through influencer marketing, how to define engagement needs & measurement with an Influencer and much more with Influencer marketing course.

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