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Why Pinterest Should Be On Every Marketer’s Communication strategy

According to a Hootsuite report, there are over 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month and 600 million of its searches are visual. Isn’t that astounding? Who knew a platform which began as a place to find home décor ideas and food recipes would be such a big hit all over the world. Pinterest is now a behemoth visual search engine and as it turns out, it is one of the most interesting and important social media platforms that marketers need to focus on and explore. 

Indeed Pinterest has not opened up advertising in India but it is still a big thing when it comes to organic. It dives a lot of traffic to the website and the high definition product photos even lead to purchase decisions. Therefore, through this article, we aim to share how marketers can use Pinterest from an organic perspective in their digital marketing plan and how it can help businesses to grow. 

The Pinterest users are those who are looking for great visuals, ideas, inspiration and finally take a decision. So let’s say if someone wants to design their house in a certain shape and desire an architectural design that matches something that they have seen or dreamt about. Or just assume that a fashionista needs inspiration for the next attire for a stage show, Pinterest is a great platform with millions of photos and content to choose from the best design ideas and the product. 

It is, therefore, an excellent platform for brands that have design and architecture related products, delicious food and restaurants, fashion industry, or in that case anything that can appeal visually to your target audience. Advertising on Pinterest would be beneficial as well. 

It is important that you create a great Pinterest account with right boards and pins with amazing photographs. But more than that, brands have an even greater opportunity to engage with the customers. Let’s see how and why. Well, for example, many users/ consumers find it difficult to choose the right combination of colors for painting homes. Just imagine what if a brand can come & act as a consultant on Pinterest? It gives out beautiful suggestions and smart tips to users through engaging and easy to understand posts. This will be a brilliant way in which brands can build trust. Hence chances of such users getting converted become very high. 

One of the reasons why these users will most likely stay loyal to such brands is because of how it helped & guided them in decision-making. Therefore, Pinterest becomes an ideal platform for marketers to provide tips & guidance like a consultant to their target audience.

Pinterest is distinct than other social media platforms because it provides great value to the customers. Another reason why the visual platform is a favorite among customers is that the platform is built in a way that one attains and retains comprehensive information through visuals. And we all know how powerful visuals can be in the form of Infographics and well-designed image posts. 

For example, if you search for “On-Page SEO” on Pinterest, you’ll find posts with Infographics that will give you all the related information & within minutes of looking at those posts, you can easily gain a basic understanding about the topic. 

At the same time, if you search the same topic on Google, you will get millions of links and it will take time to figure out which of the given links would have quality content on the related topic. This opens up a plethora of possibilities for brands to take advantage. 

Additionally, brands can use well designed and attractive ‘Do It Yourself’ posts, ‘How to’ and ‘How it works’ kind of information in the visual form using Pinterest. A user looking for information will definitely find it useful and it increases the trust factor as well. This can help SEO as well by boosting traffic to the website and better conversions as well. 

Pinterest is an interesting platform which can be used by brands to power their digital marketing plan and achieve great business growth. Focus on creating evergreen Pinterest posts that have the potential to appeal and convert customers. In 2022, keep Pinterest on the top of the priority list and transform your business positively.

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