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Top 9 Search Engine Ranking Factors To Know in 2022

Every SEO expert would agree to the fact that search engine ranking factors are the most crucial elements for Search engine rankings. In 2022, the significance of the ranking factors remains the same. 

If you are looking for SEO tips to boost page rankings, keyword rankings and to increase the website traffic, focus on optimizing around ranking factors.

So, which are the top ranking factors looked into by search engine giant Google and other search engines. Do you know that there are more than 200 ranking factors for Google? Well, we have made it easy for you by listing the top 9. Make sure to learn and understand them and implement strategies that boost rankings and give the best SEO results.

1) Website Speed

First, you must begin by improving the website speed. It is because all the digital marketing efforts start and end on the website. Suppose you have an online store. All your products, offers and discounts are listed on the website. Moreover, all the information regarding your business, location, contact details is available on the website.

Hence, improving the website speed and page loading speed should be the top priority to impress your target audience. For Google, user experience matters a lot. Therefore, you should make sure that your website speed is better than the competitor. 

You can use various free tools on the website to find out the website page loading speed of your website as well as your competitors.

2) Content

Once you have a fast loading website, jump onto making unique content for your website. High quality and fresh content that provides value to your customer should be the aim. Google search engine is very particular in this regard. It is one of the most stressed ranking factors as well. You cannot compromise on content if you want to rank high in the search engine results page.

Your content should be comprehensive enough to solve customer queries, offer solutions to their problems and good enough to keep them engaged. Regularly publish unique content that attracts the audience. Additionally, you can always push for including content that is trending. Latest information and happening can boost rankings.

Moreover, structure your content well. Make it easy for website visitors to consume content. While content length doesn’t matter much, you can organize your articles with bullet points and good headings. It will improve rankings.

3) Search Intent

As mentioned before, content matters a lot to Google as it matters to customers. Therefore, experts point out that your content should be written understanding the search intent of the user. For example, you should understand what the user is looking for while searching on the web. It is important to analyze the ‘Why’ behind that search query entered by the user.

Therefore, content should be able to answer all the possible answers to the questions or the search done on the web. You can develop content for each stage of the buyer’s journey as well.


Backlinks have been one of the most important ranking factors for a long time. There were Google algorithm search updates which can easily penalize you for poor backlinks achieved through unethical means. Sometimes, you do not know they are low-quality links. Therefore, you should check backlinks quality regularly and avoid penalties.

Good backlinks mean your website is trustworthy. You can develop backlinks strategy with help of SEO experts because it naturally boosts rankings. White hat techniques can be used to achieve the same.

5) Mobile Friendliness

Along with content, mobile is something which Google search engine have always asked SEO experts to focus on to boost rankings. Mobile is the future. So, your content strategy and website design and development should be able to impress the mobile users accessing your website.

There is a simple solution and it is making your website mobile-friendly. With growing mobile users all around the world, Google will certainly give more weightage to mobile indexing the coming times.

6) Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of every SEO strategy. Whether it is your content or backlinks, using the right keywords and boosting it is necessary. You should optimize the website with the right keywords. Again, understanding user intent is helpful.

Tools on the web help in finding high search volume keywords and other types of keywords. Use all of them smartly to boost rankings. Once you decide what keywords to use, place them in meta tags, image tags, headings and URL. Avoid keyword stuffing as it can cause ranking loss.

7) Website Security

In 2014, Google confirmed that website security is significant and HTTPS security for the website is a ranking factor. If you are going to launch a website or have begun the SEO project for a business, choose HTTPS for the website. It is helpful in encrypting website and user’s browser data. You can take the help of web developers or SEO experts to shift from HTTP to HTTPS.

8) Domain 

A domain may play a major role in boosting rankings of a website. The exact-match domains are known to gain the upper hand in the search engine results page. While the verdict is still not out, there is no harm in using exact-match domains if it is possible and goes with your brand.

Domain age is another factor that can help rankings. Keywords in old domains are known to rank higher. It is perhaps due to the trust and authority factor of the domain.

9) User Experience

Last on the list is User Experience. But make no mistake it is not the least. The user experience offered to the user is of great significance. Of course, your website must be easy to navigate and access valuable content. But anything that makes the customer stay on the website and gain attention is good for better ranking and positions.

These are the top 9 ranking factors to focus in 2022. You can do SEO Off-page activities and On-page activities to help rankings as well. To learn in-depth about SEO and ranking factors, join SEO certification course in Mumbai at Basecamp Digital.