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7 Pinterest SEO Tips To Get More Traffic

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is a dynamic platform which provides unique opportunities for business to amplify their marketing and promotion of products and services. With millions of people using Pinterest, it offers different possibilities for SEO specialists to boost traffic to the website and increase engagement as well.

If you are into business, it is high time that you tap the potential of Pinterest to grow your business. 

And if you are an SEO expert, you can follow the best 10 Pinterest SEO tips to get more traffic to the website. Else, you can join the SEO course online at Basecamp Digital to gain in-depth knowledge about Pinterest marketing strategies. Let’s dive in:

1) Optimize Pinterest Profile

As you are aware Pinterest is more of a visual-based platform with high-quality pictures, design, colours and themes. 

Therefore, you can use highly engaging and high-quality content which can appeal to the senses of your audience. Therefore, it is important to optimize Pinterest profile with valuable keywords wherever content is used.

You can begin by selecting a username which can support your SEO strategy. This can be achieved by adding keywords in your username which your audience might search for in Pinterest. Similarly, use target keywords in the About You section and the boards that you create.

2) Verify your Website

Trust is very important in the online world. Therefore, you must verify your website because it will prove you are real and authentic. 

Moreover, you can use the website URL on your Pinterest profile. It helps with analytics and a better understanding of how the platform is performing for you.  

3) Get Insights with Pinterest Tag

Pinterest tag is simply a code which you needs to place on your website. This will help you gain deeper insights about conversions and target audience precisely. 

To take advantage of the Pinterest tag, you need to define conversion events which can be page visit, search, sign up, add to cart etc. This way you can link your website to Pinterest platform.

4) Use Video Pins

Video is one of the most popular forms of content today on the internet. Millions of people consume video content and therefore, using video pins is a must. 

It is estimated that video pins get a large number of organic views, especially those related to food, clothing, entertainment, beauty and home décor. You can use them to boost SEO as the video appears whenever a search is done on the mobile.

5) Test Pins and Explore Topics

It is a simple trick to boost SEO rankings via Pinterest. Use free tools to search for high volume keywords. 

You can use those keywords and find out which pins are ranking best on the Google search engine. 

Similarly, you can explore different topics related to your business. Search for relevant topics and what is trending and thereafter you can follow or improvise your profile. This leads to the next point which is closely associated with this point.

6) Study Competitors

Pinterest is a vast platform with businesses from all around the world. You can understand the competitor accounts and study what they are doing and how they are executing the campaigns. 

You can use good strategies and implement them in your profile.

Also, you can follow other popular accounts. This will increase visibility and help others discover your brand on Pinterest. The boards when related to popular topics can be easily discoverable as well. Remember to include all important keywords and board descriptions as well.  

7) Content that Captures Attention 

Use creative minds to write copy for Pinterest. It has to be highly captivating for the audience and engaging as well. Along with the visually charged up Pinterest posts, quality, crisp and attention-grabbing content can be the game-changer. 

These are 7 Pinterest SEO tips which will ultimately lead customers to click the website URL and boost traffic. 

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