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10 Off-Page SEO Activities Beginners Should Learn

Search Engine Optimization has multiple processes which need to be carried out simultaneously to achieve the best results. It majorly includes a well-structured & user-friendly website, high-quality content, and On-page and Off-page SEO activities. 

Understanding Off-page SEO 

Off-page SEO can be understood as all the activities which take place outside the website. A major chunk of work includes backlink building, managing brand reputation on the web, optimizing for local search etc. The aim is to rank keywords on the search engine results page and thus improve page and website rankings. 

As a beginner taking SEO course online, find out the top 10 Off-page SEO activities below that you should learn now and start practising.

1) Link Building

Link building is the process through which another website links to your website or website content. Commonly known as backlinks, it is one of the powerful methods to achieve off-page objectives. Good backlinks are a great ranking factor too. 

The created backlinks often give no result due to various link manipulation techniques and black hat SEO techniques which are unethical. Thus, quality matters today and you can get quality by getting links from related websites and those with high authority domain. 

For example, if you are into a shoe business, get backlinks from the same industry. One of the best ways to improve link building is to search for competitors who are performing well online and learn from their backlink strategy. 

2) Google My Business  

Google My Business or GMB is Google’s own business directory where you can list your website. Google always wants to make life easy for customers. Therefore, you must put the right contact details, business hours, establishment photos, information about products, services, reviews and other types of information on GMB.

Optimizing for local search is a great off-page activity which can deliver amazing results for brands. 

3) Social Media 

Google has always maintained that content posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social signals does not count as ranking factors. But it is important as far as customers are concerned. 

Today, everyone checks social media presence, feedback of others and even get contact number and location from these places. Therefore, it must be optimized so that customer can reach your website. 

4) Content 

Content is the king when it comes to off-page SEO activities. You need to create high quality, valuable to user content which can be engaging enough for people to visit your website. It is a great way to turn authors into experts who can gain followers as well as traffic. As part of the off-page activities, you need to share this content all over the web. 

5) Reviews

Manage the reviews on Google My Business page. Good reviews increase your SEO score. Therefore, you must manage and respond to the reviews and exploit the opportunity to boost SEO results. Rather than waiting for the users, you can perhaps reach out to the satisfied customer at your place and seek a review from them.

 All those businesses with a large number of positive reviews stay on top of the listings. Therefore, take special care of GMB reviews.

6) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the intrinsic parts of off-page activities. You can add your website to social sites using social bookmarking. The list of high-quality social booking sites includes Reddit, Flipboard, Diigo, Scoopit etc. You can reach to a large audience through this process. And if the content is valuable, your website will receive a traffic boost too.

7) Forum

Forums are one of the old-school SEO techniques which are still relevant. As someone taking an SEO training courseyou must follow this off-page activity for better results. You can find quality forums which are closely related to your business or service. All you have to do is to register yourself and start posting valuable content. Engage in discussions, solve queries and get quality backlinks.

8) Article Submission

Article directory submission is another place to submit unique content. Before submission, you must check the authority and quality of the website, read terms and conditions and proceed. Use keywords properly in the content and remember to classify the topic of your article.

9) Quora

Quora is one of the most popular content sharing platform or Question Answer sites. It has millions of users, high-quality engagement, domain authority and page authority too. You can solve the customer problems, share keyword-rich valuable content and boost website traffic using Quora. Include Quora on your off-page activities. 

10) Web 2.0 Submission

This is a powerful process to boost ranking through SEO off-page activity. These are generally highly authoritative domains like Medium where you can create sub-domains and share content.  

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