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Top 7 Ways You Can Use Quora for Digital Marketing Success

What is Quora?

Quora is the place where you can gain and share knowledge. The free platform is most popular for its Question and Answer type format. While you can post questions related to anything and everything in the world, the website also allows you to answer the questions that you know about or have expertise in. 

How does Quora help in Digital Marketing?

Since its inception, Quora has evolved from just a question and answer website. It has become one of the primary choices for many people to seek insights, views, and help from those who are experts. The Quora community is very strong and growing leaps and bounds. 

This has opened up opportunities galore for digital marketing experts to utilize the platform for brand promotion, product and service awareness, reviews, extra information and engagement opportunities with the target audience. 

If you are a digital marketing aspirant taking digital marketing classes in Mumbai or some other place, you must learn about Quora. This blog will help you learn the top 7 ways in which you can use Quora for digital marketing success. 

1) Post Content

It is estimated that over 300 million people use Quora every month. Millions of topics are discussed and many more questions are answered every day. Thus, Quora is a powerful platform to post content about your business. The information about the products and services of a company can reach the target audience and customers who are searching for information on the web.

Thus, you can increase brand awareness and improve customer engagement; both of which are necessary to achieve digital marketing goals.

2) Build Authority

When you consistently engage with your audience with frequent posts and answer all their questions, you can build authority through Quora. This will increase the trust factor and loyalty towards your brand further leading to conversions and sales. Thus, it gives you an upper hand in the online world and helps brands to stay ahead of the competition.

3) Understand Latest Trends

Quora serves as a great platform to understand the latest trends in the online world. You can search for the latest trends on the platform, find any questions related to your business and answer those questions. This will increase the visibility in the Quora as well among the users. It is especially valuable when you want to gauge the mood and interests of your audience and thus plan your strategy accordingly.

4) Search Engine Optimization

Quora is a handy platform for search engine optimization off-page activities. You can post blogs, articles, and other useful data on behalf of the brand which can directly be linked to the website pages. This strategy can work well if you are looking to boost traffic. 

 At the same time, it gives deep insights on questions like – How and what your audience is thinking? What he/she is searching for on the web? and What are the pains of the customer? Based on these insights, the whole SEO strategy can be developed.

5) Social Media Marketing 

If Quora can be said to be similar to anything, it is social media. The platform allows you to build a personal profile, share content, ask questions, upvote the best answer you believe in and even follow other users in it. You can form communities, share and gain information and whatnot. 

Additionally, it can help to lead traffic to social media platforms and help customers to find what they are looking for easily. You can even share images along with content on Quora.

6) Audience Analysis and User Engagement

You can do a thorough analysis of your audience using Quora. How many upvotes did your answers receive? How do they perceive your brand? What are things that are engaging them? All of these questions can be answered. There are metrics like number of views, number of people who have answered your question, number of shares, comments received, customer profile data etc. which can be gauged to understand user engagement.

7) Customer Support 

You can use Quora to know and address the grievances of the customer regarding your product or service. Quora is a very personal place where the users are considered as real people answering and sharing real and original content and knowledge based on their expertise. Thus, you can offer customer support on Quora and address issues. 

These are the top 7 ways you can use Quora for digital marketing success.

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Quora gives you the best answer to questions that would help you grow personally and professionally. 

Overall, we can say that Quora is the best platform to get more genuine traffic for your website that would help you to get more leads and sales. Understand the power of Quora and utilize it in your marketing strategy.