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The Latest Trends In Online Marketing Growth

The digital marketing industry is growing with the Indian population of more than 600 million users (as of June 2021). Many students, graduates and young professionals want to be on the digital marketing platform, with an enormous projected growth potential and an expected lack of trained professionals. In fact, there are more Indians spending time online because of the current situation. This has led to an increase in online marketing growth as well as choice in India with regards to digital marketing and training courses.

The world of online marketing is dynamic and constantly changing—trends, technology and tactics never remain static. The way online marketing strategy is depicted in 2020 has changed. It is essential that your business stays up to date on new business developments — after all, the last thing you want is to get your business down while your competitors are ahead of the curve. 

Future Growth of Digital marketing

2020 helped businesses to understand how online marketing strategy can be changed and absorbed, then 2021 will all be about adapting to the best online marketing strategies. But it is not always enough to keep up with these changes. You need to remain ahead of the game to succeed in the fast-paced, marketing world. We’ve created this guide to help you bookmark and return to some of the best online marketing trends of today.

Marketers quickly found alternative ways to keep up with the customer for businesses who had to close shops and businesses. This era has changed the way companies work and formed a new online marketing strategy. 

In the future growth of digital marketing, it will be taken into account by many more companies to retain existing customers, generate more income and generate greater sales. Below are a few trends foreseen by the industry in the coming year.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI-Chat Bots

In various business and marketing processes, AI is implemented in all ways. This can be used to improve communications, analyze data, track and predict patterns of customer behavior and thus reduce manual work. AI can mostly be used for better customer satisfaction because it can help customers to read easily what they expect.

AI has become more accessible for companies through advanced software development and has become a valuable online marketing growth tool. It also influences the choices made by the customer by giving relevant taste and preference recommendations. It contributes to brand development by meeting customer’s expectations. We now have Marketing Automation, such as numerous CRMs, which assist us in data management and client service. Every day, we make strides toward incorporating Artificial Intelligence into a variety of industries.

  • Use of videos in Advertisement

Use of videos in Advertisement

Video marketing uses videos to promote and market your products or services, enhance the involvement of your digital and social networks, educate customers and reach your audience via a new medium.

In addition to being informative and engaging, large sections of information are transmitted in a short time. Video ads are thus better than any other format which can be used to explain the product or service, leaving a higher value for the reminder.

  • Optimize for Voice Search

Optimize for Voice Search

This has created a boom to search voices, thanks to rapid technological advances such as Google Home and Alexa which disrupt innovation. The queries for voice search must be improved. Make sure to pick keywords based on what users would like Google, Alexa, or Siri. While selecting content or keywords.

Optimizing voice search provides companies with a rare way to improve their technology. Optimization of features like natural speech, queries of question phrases, targeted keywords, a mobile-friendly Website make it easy for customers to search by voice.

  • AI-Chat Bots

While shopping online consumers still like a human touch. This is why marketers use chat boxes for artificial intelligence to meet the needs of customers. These chat boxes talk to consumers in full sentences and respond to any questions a customer may have while shopping. They illustrate human interaction and involve the customer more. For example the chatbots of Zomato and Swiggy which talk to people and direct queries according to different departments.

Future Growth of Digital marketing

Few industries are as fast as digital marketing. It now looks antiquated, which was popular only a few years ago. This is why you must always look forward as a marketer. And this is why, over the coming 12 months, you cannot allow yourself to ignore these new digital marketing channels.

It is crucial for us, as marketers and businessmen, to keep up with the future growth of digital marketing as we move into 2021. This is how, with tomorrow’s technologies and tactics, we can tailor our marketing strategies to phase out the duties.

But we should say that this new world has obliged the people to remain in the virtual world and to isolate themselves from their materialistic and physical existence. Even companies must leverage their products and services for online marketing growth and aim their leads from the social media platform and other digital arenas. Many companies have realized that companies can prosper better in online media than in the physical market. We can therefore say that the increase in digital marketing is likely to increase many folds in India, greater than expected before the 2021 breakup of the epidemic.

Digital marketing growth trends in India by 2021

Digital marketing growth trends in India by 2021

This new world has changed people’s social attitudes and lifestyles and significant changes have been made in the way people work and do business. People have begun working from home and spend a lot of time online. It is therefore the correct time for companies to develop the best online marketing tactics so that they can attract as many leads as possible. Digital marketers have tremendous opportunities by streamlining their online marketing strategies and strengthening their business scope.

To do so, the following must be done by digital marketers:

  • To maintain and socialize their brand, they must build strong social media marketing support.
  • You must ensure that your website content is up to date to provide your audience with trustworthy and real-time data.
  • Brands need to stay empathetic and avoid some tough sales to preserve the brand’s image within the general public. They should demonstrate that their staff and customers care about the world.
  • They should focus on a strong SEO strategy and strive to keep the competition ahead of them.


Digital marketing is a pervasive industry in which change is the only constant working in the future growth of digital marketing. You should always look ahead and try to adopt new technologies, tools, and methods to make your competitors a foothold.

If companies want successful results in the future, they will have to continue searching for different trends. In addition, companies should study other brands in their industry and conduct tests of various online marketing strategies. Businesses that transform their digital presence and strategies will establish a strong foundation against future crises and better meet the needs of consumers as required now. 

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