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Top Trends Shaping the Social Media Landscape in 2020

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Social media is an ever-evolving platform where change is the only constant. What once worked before would not give you the desired result today. In that case, what achieved your success last month won’t matter either.

Consumers today are always expecting something new and unique that will thrill them exceptionally well. This means that consumer behaviour is rapidly changing and social media marketers have to find out new ways to interact, engage, and communicate the brand message with them.

Therefore, it is highly important to keep up with the latest trends, implement them, and maximize business growth and profits. If you are looking to take a social media marketing course, the trends shaping the social media landscape in 2020 will give you an enhanced perspective regarding the same.

Balancing the use of Public and Private Platforms 

Number one on the list of trends to watch out for is the usage of public and private social media platforms. Mark Zuckerberg has stressed on the need for integrating messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp together. Till then, what can brands do?

Well, to begin with, you can use the pubic social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage with customers, educate and lead them through the customer’s buying journey. Once they are on the verge of becoming a prospect or customer, marketers can use private platforms like WhatsApp for better engagement. Personalization is the key here. Well written personalized communication can bring positive results.

Automation Tools

With increasing social media use by the consumer, brands across verticals are banking on social media platforms to push brands, products, and services. This has put a lot of stress on marketers. An automation tool where all social media platforms are integrated is going to be very helpful.

Especially in India, it is high time to use a single dashboard for managing multiple social media platforms. It is the way forward for brands and agencies alike to maximize productivity and offer high performance. 

Many companies are slow to embrace the new tools and in 2020, it is a must-have to boost productivity.

TikTok is Trending

TikTok is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform today. People in India are extensively using it. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to leverage the power of TikTok and creatively push the brand message. One should be using the platform after giving a lot of thought and devising a well-synchronized campaign to drive brand promotion or sales. Brands in previous years have successfully used even Tinder for promotion, so why not TikTok? Also, it is one of the best platforms where one can find the millennial population.  Irrespective of the user’s age, powerful content can do the trick for any brand.

Video is the Winner

If you are thinking of what kind of content will enthral the social media users, unsurprisingly, it is videos. Video, as it seems, is going to be a clear cut winner in 2020 with marketers predicting that video consumption is going to rise higher and higher. Therefore, social media platforms are the best place to upload videos and engage with customers. 

VR and AR adoption

Another fascinating development is the arrival of AR and VR adoption in social media marketing. Until now, we haven’t seen the best of it. But, all the technological advancement in this sphere tells us that AR and VR are going to be the game-changers. 

Performance marketing will help brands to be one step ahead of their competitors. The immersive experience of taking a virtual tour of a shop or seamless experience of vacation destination at the comfort of home is the future of social media marketing. 

Live Streaming using Facebook Live is one of the amazing trends emerging in social media. More and more brands are certainly going to use Live videos to launch new products or services. It is surely a highly imaginative way to engage users and occupy their mind space as well. 

Also, the latest trends suggest that trust is going to play a key role in social media marketing. With all the negative things on social media platforms like fake news, brands must empower employees to handle social media with the utmost care, and management of it on a personal level is now important.

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