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How To Get Your First Job In Digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing Career and Related Questions

As digital marketing industry achieves greater heights all across India, there is a lot of buzz and curiosity among the young and even the professionals regarding job opportunities in the field. Few of the questions that often pop up in mind include; Which institute is known for best online digital marketing courses? Which field should I choose in digital marketing? What is the salary as a fresher? and so on. But, the most important question perhaps is this – How can I get a job in digital marketing?

As the digital marketing industry is growing exponentially, here is a 7 step guide which will help you land your first job in digital marketing.

1) Digital Marketing Course

First and foremost, it is indispensable that you join an online digital marketing course. Learning under digital marketing mentors, industry professionals and experts is a great advantage in this field. As digital marketing requires more of a practical approach than theoretical, getting a large perspective on digital marketing concepts and hands-on experience is very valuable. This can be achieved only after completing the digital marketing course.

2) Choose a Career Path

Once you are done with the online digital course, you can gauge your strength and weakness. Most people with technical skills opt for SEO, Optimization techniques, Analytics and PPC Marketing. Those with an inclination towards creativity and communication can choose Social media marketing or Content marketing and Content/Copywriting. 

Remember it differs for different people. You can definitely gain overall digital marketing knowledge and use the same skills for managing complete digital aspects of marketing. Decide your career path and move onto the next step.

3) Stay Up to Date 

Completing an online digital marketing course in India is not enough. Digital marketing is dynamic in nature. You have to keep learning about the latest trends and happenings in the different branches of digital marketing. Keep abreast of latest technologies, tools, innovations and success stories all across the world and especially in India. This will give you a good head-start before beginning your career journey.

4) Become a Freelancer and Practice

While studying digital marketing, you can get into the groove by becoming a freelancer. Start a blog and share your mind on the web. Take projects for free from friends or local business and gain experience in SEO and Social media.

It is a good opportunity to practice what you have learned. Implement new strategies, experiment and try to achieve the best results. Success in SEO and social media can be achieved only by attaining a thorough understanding of the platforms and intrinsic components of digital marketing.

5) Get an Internship

Internship in digital marketing can give you a glimpse of how the corporate world works and where do you fit in. It is again a wonderful opportunity for fresher and even professionals to get a good grasp of practical digital marketing approach. Working for real clients with responsibility is a different experience. Of course, you can learn under the guidance of professionals. Paid or not, go for it and learn all that you can in minimum time. 

6) Agency or Brand

Once you are ready to move to the next level and get your first entry-level job, it is essential that you decide whether you want to join a digital marketing agency or an industry/brand. Agencies work for different brands and they have a team of digital marketers, SEO’s, Social media executives and others. You can become an in-house digital marketing specialist for a brand as well. 

7) Prepare for the Interview

Once you decide where you want to work, prepare for digital marketing interviews. There are several online websites where you can add your resume, experience, freelance projects, skills, interests etc. If you are seeking a specific role, you can find job listing sites as well.

Follow these 7 steps and you are sure to get the best first digital marketing job. 

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