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Will Online Learning Replace Classroom Training?

Learning is an evolving process as there is no end to learning. We learn, we teach and we grow. The latest learning trends have welcomed the modern mechanism of learning. Students who once needed a teacher to be physically present to teach them now prefer learning on their own. Schools and colleges have also welcomed e-classrooms where the machine does all the talking and illustrations.

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Gone are the days when books and pen were the main tools in a bag, gone are the days where you had to write notes and maintain a record, gone are the days where school bag seemed a burden; because now we have tabs instead of books, online reminders, and records, no more heavy school bag and no more home works.

Online learning and offline learning has its Pros and Cons. Some are, as stated below:

Online Learning Pros:

  1. You can learn in your comfort zone: There are no restrictions concerning the time and place. You can take your class where ever and whenever you want. This flexible approach attracts many youths and working professionals who are likely to want to or are interested to learn something new. e.g Digital marketing courses. Many would want to switch their career and would want to brush up their skills or start from scratch. Online digital marketing training or digital marketing courses benefits them in a great way.
  2. Cost-Effective: Online learning has the perks of shelling less amount of money for learning than what the offline classrooms demand. People hence prefer investing in online learning than offline learning.
  3. Far from commute: Many prefer staying back home and investing the time spent to travel on learning. The growing traffic and crowd put all of us down and after commuting miles in the hustle and bustle and hitting a class in a tiring condition are not preferred at all. Online learning gives the advantage to stay back home and sit on your sofa and enjoy the training session.
  4. Opportunity: It allows you to always keep learning and exploring a new field of study.

But Online learning also has its cons:

  1. No Face to Face Interaction: Fewer interaction results in lack of exchange of ideas, when you are in a crowd, you have people sharing their experience and ideas which encourages or motivates one to do more than usual.
  2. Less mentor-ship: In a practical based subject, a mentor would always guide you in each step which ensures fewer mistakes.

Online learning, though preferred by a significant count of individuals, there are still many who would love offline classrooms. Offline classrooms promote the below privileges :

  1. Encourages Collaborative Learning Collaborative learning increases self-awareness, promotes easy and effective learning, transforming or shaping individuals to face the world beyond the four walls of classrooms.
  2. Improves critical thinking capabilities When in a classroom, you are forced to think more and share your ideas with your peers. You are always encouraged and engaged in live discussions where you are exposed to different ideas.
  3. Develops personality and career-building skills Classroom teaching develops presentation skills, problem resolving skills and boosts your confidence.
  4. You get moral support from different mentors. However there are certain cons, such as you have to travel to your training location, the expense of commute, maintain a physical record of notes.

To conclude based on the pros and cons of online and offline learning, as both are equally good, it depends on an individual i.e how motivated is he to learn and grow the midst of any circumstances. What matters is the will power to learn and excel in one’s life and career.

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