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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

The digital landscape has changed with increasing participation, competition, and businesses capturing the digital market and making huge financial gains. And therefore, a digital marketer is on a constant lookout for the next big thing, new technologies, unique ideas, fresh perspective, and the latest trends to stand out from the crowd. As we are almost halfway through the year, what’s trending in the digital marketing field? If you are a beginner and interested in taking digital marketing training, these top 5 raging trends should be on top of your mind. 

1) Artificial Intelligence 

If you are interested in technology, you know the buzz around the Artificial Intelligence these days. It is a unanimous thought from all the marketing experts that AI will change the way how online business, advertising, and marketing is done. 

Digital marketing comprises of various moving parts like SEO, Social Media, PPC, and more. AI will play a key role, especially in PPC advertising. The automation of bidding in paid advertising is already on the rise. Add machine learning, statistical analysis, and emotion identification to the mix and AI can perform complex tasks fast and easy. Of course, those who use AI smartly will have the upper hand in 2020 and beyond. 

2) AR and VR

Digital marketing has always been people-centric. It is the only platform where you know how your customer reacts, relates, or responds to your brand messaging. That’s why social media marketing and other platforms look to engage their audience in meaningful ways. 

AR and VR are growing leaps and bound and marketers have started using them to up their game online. Augmented Reality – AR and Virtual Reality – VR has become a rage among the millennial population. It is now used by big brands like IKEA and L’Oreal to give an extraordinary experience to customers. This will be the way to shop virtually in the days to come. Brands are boosting sales and making profits using AR and VR in 2020. 

3) Voice Search

“Alexa, how is the weather today?” – It is a revolution in terms of technology. The growing fascination for smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home has put the onus on marketers to use it to their advantage. Millions are using voice-based speakers and numbers are set to grow. It is a great opportunity to explore this trend and focus on using long-tail keywords for SEO optimization and voice search. The combination of smartphones and voice search makes it one of the biggest trends in 2020. Capitalize on it!

4) Thriving Content

Content continues to evolve but the core remains the same which is to attract customers and appeal to their minds. A thriving content strategy and marketing plan will help you to keep the customer base intact. Regular stuff won’t work in 2020. People are looking for something unique, passionate, and mind-blowing. 

You can use interactive content like Quiz, Polls, AR and VR, contests, and more. Video is one of the best forms of content which is doing great in 2020. It’s not yet known if video content is reaching its peak but videos are definitely the favorite among customers and it is most consumed all over the world. Give your customers what they need and you should do well on this front in 2020. 

5) Social Messaging Applications

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram – all have taken great strides in the past few years. They are no more just another communication apps where you send messages and emojis. It has turned to be a major channel through which you can conduct business communication easily

As customers also find it convenient, it is a great way to build a personal relationship with customers, boosting sales, offering customer support, and customer education, and so on.

These are the top 5 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2020. 

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