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Is Your Sales Team Well Equipped With the Digital Marketing Trends For The Digital Age?

The need to visit physical locations, getting in touch with salespersons to know about the products is gradually losing its sheen. Nevertheless, the salesperson is still in demand but not primarily. Since all the information is now available online.

This dramatic shift from physical to digital is a challenge for businesses. It begets a very important question – Is your sales team well equipped to handle the future sales challenges? How do you upskill your team with the latest trends for the digital age?

This blog aims to help you with the right answer to these significant questions.


Future Challenges for Your Sales Team

The internet has changed the way people do business. Digital platforms are the disruptors. E-commerce sales are predicted to reach close to 4 trillion in the coming years globally. As mentioned before, the role of a salesperson has changed. Therefore, it is now important than ever to learn digital marketing skills.

It is estimated that Digital channels influence approximately 90% of the buying decision for B2B customers. With loads of information available through websites and online marketplace, the engagement with salesperson has gone down drastically. The role is now more consultative than transactional.

For example, if someone is looking for a real estate property, he/she will find all the details online. For any further details and confirmation of the same, sales experts will be only required.

Another important aspect is the need for the sales team to become more tech-savvy. By learning new tools and technologies, the sales team can get important insights about the customers and pitch your brand based on their needs and requirement.

It is found that most of the salespeople are self-taught in digital marketing and are not able to utilize the power of it. Proper corporate training in digital marketing should be your choice if businesses are serious about transformations.

Digital Upskilling

A sale usually includes three stages namely, prospecting, presenting, and closing.

In the digital age, understanding your online prospects is the foremost priority and primary need. Using various digital tools, the interests and likes of your customers can be gauged by their activities online. It reduces time and helps get more leads as well.

Secondly, leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can present your brand, its products, and services in the most engaging ways. Information on the unique selling points and highlights of your services can be easily shared with the right prospects.

Maintaining a consistent and cordial relationship with the client is also achieved online. Penetrating new markets is also achieved.

Finally, advanced sales funnels and call to action features will help the modern salespersons with digital marketing understanding to close the deals easily. What’s more, further follow up can be done.

Digital platforms help your sales team to be in touch with customers throughout their sales journey. This is the reason why digital marketing is integral to any business now.

Your sales team must learn how to integrate various digital tools and modern online strategies with their existing processes. This will help boost productivity and get positive leads.

You can get world-class corporate training in digital marketing with BaseCamp Digital. The specialized corporate training courses in Mumbai focus on equipping your sales team with result-oriented digital strategies that can boost profits and growth. The right training can help your sales team think digitally which is the need of the hour.

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