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Easy Beginner’s Guide to Ace Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has millions of active users. India is the second-largest market in the world for the platform with a whopping 60+ million users. As a digital marketer, it is a simple logic that this platform must be explored to reach the target audience and engage them. 

Unfortunately, many don’t yet see the potential of Pinterest as they see in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. At Basecamp Digital, the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai, we understand the relevance of Pinterest and we teach fresher as well as professionals how to use it successfully. 

This is an easy beginner’s guide to ace Pinterest marketing which will help you understand the platform better and how you can use it to promote brands online. 


The Pinterest platform is all about visuals. The high-quality images are the most popular feature of Pinterest. And if one takes a look at current trends, digital platforms are known for high-quality content. Moreover, you can pin posts leading them to blogs, articles, information etc. You can add keywords in the description which allows you to optimize it for Search Engine Optimization – SEO purpose as well. 

The platform allows you to pin the posts that you upload along with those posts you like in the feed. Furthermore, you can search and discover new pins and add them to your board. This way you can create a pinboard which shows your interests, products, brands etc. It boosts visibility as well. 

When you start strategizing for Pinterest, have a clear and objective focused content plan. Use the best design software to make awe-inspiring images and content. You can upload videos too. Optimize it well as a large number of active users use search options to find pins. 


Irrespective of business type, you can always use Pinterest for updating new products, brand messaging, service information using different types of infographics, design template etc. You can use Pinterest to educate your target audience about customer pain points and how your brand offers a solution. This is where, as a digital marketer, you must carefully use other pins to add to your board. 

You should build authority by bringing the best of information and all that your customer wants on your Pinterest board. This will increase trust, loyalty and you can get more referrals and brand advocacy. 


You are already increasing reach if your brand belongs to a niche like fashion, food and beverage, automobiles or any industry where your product is the hero. It needs to have HD quality images which mesmerize others. For other industries, you have the option to collaborate with like-minded Pinterest group boards. You can follow them; access the community of huge numbers and take your pins to a wide audience. 


Pinterest allows you to add a URL to the pin and add a description. This way whenever anyone finds your pin interesting and clicks on it, the link will take them to your website or landing page easily. This boosts traffic and which eventually leads to conversions and sales. Let’s understand this with an example.

For example, you have the best information regarding how to make a YouTube video. You can easily make an easy to consume infographics which gives complete information in a glance. People will definitely choose Pinterest infographics over a long-form blog writing on the website.

You can repin the pins consistently to make it appear before your audience. If the content in the form of image, infographics or video is appealing enough, you can surely increase the traffic. 

Optimize Profile

Optimize your Pinterest profile well by using the right Name, Board names, and Pin description. Use primary keywords in the profile content. You can further maximize the value by posting consistently at the right time and reach the maximum audience. 

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