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7 Expert Tips To Manage Brands Through Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people and various businesses big and small has lost revenue in the last many months. At the same time, brands have started to embrace digital marketing and digital platforms to reach the target audience. This augurs well for those who are aspiring a digital marketing job and a career. If you have enrolled for a social media marketing online course or SEO, PPC course, know that you have made the right choice.

It is not the first time and neither the last when the brand goes through a crisis. As a digital marketing expert, you can take several positive decisions and follow these excellent tips from experts to manage brands through any kind of crisis such as these in the future.

1) Supportive and Transparent

The scale in which Coronavirus has affected people is unprecedented. Therefore it is not the right time for brands to use the usual way of promoting and advertising the core brand message. Always be supportive in times of crisis. The customer is the king and supporting the customer community at this juncture is the best thing brands can do. Be genuine and transparent of how you feel for the loyal brand customers and it will surely click with the audience.

2) Keep customers informed

Whether you are doing good business or closing it till the unknown time, it would be a great gesture to keep the customers informed. As a digital marketer, you must take the initiative and execute brand messaging through social media platforms which can help the brand become part of the customer’s thought process and sentiment. Find more about that in the next pointer.

3)Track sentiments 

As the crisis has pushed people to be at home, a lot of time is spent on the internet. This gives a wonderful opportunity for marketers to assess the interest and behavior of the audience. There are several SEO tools that can help you track the sentiments. This can be utilized to create useful campaigns and reap positive results for the brand.  

4) Relate brand to feel good messages

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to share social media creatives that are inspiring as well as gives feel-good vibes to the customer. This is a pro tip digital marketers can use to push the brand in the minds of the customer as well. Because people amidst the crisis do not want to read sales focussed content. Therefore, be creative and create content that touches the heart rather than the mind.

5) More online content 

It is an opportune time to boost content writing and content marketing for brand visibility. As mentioned before, people are online most of the time. Therefore, valuable articles, coherent and easy to understand to-do list and such kind of content can be shared. Video is one of the most consumed forms of content today. You must use it for brands.

6) Multichannel Communication

Multi-pronged strategy using multichannel communication will help the brands to sustain during the crisis. You can use social media platforms along with email marketing, SMS marketing, YouTube videos, etc. As the customers may jump from one platform to another, the brand message can reach them anytime and anywhere.

7) Prepare for the future

Nothing lasts forever and therefore any crisis wouldn’t. It is highly advised that brands must prepare for the future. The new normal is inevitable but the digital marketing plan that you start making today will help the brand in the long run.

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Brands can turn any crisis into opportunity. The 7 experts tips from the best minds in digital marketing business will help the upcoming digital marketers to help the brands navigate through such crisis successfully.  

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