Top 5 components of digital marketing

Top 5 Highly Important Digital Marketing Components You Should Know

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Marketing always involves robust strategies to achieve the ultimate brand objective. Several key components play an important role in helping the sales and marketing people to lay down their plans around them. Similarly, digital marketing has several components which when combined together make it perfect for execution. Therefore, every digital marketing aspirant takes note: the mentioned components in the blog will in one way or another help you in this career. Best digital marketing courses in Mumbai like which is provided by Basecamp Digital covers all these components comprehensively. The aim is to equip students with a strong foundational education in digital marketing. 

Let’s wait no further and jump into the main digital marketing components you should know.

1) Website Design 

The first component of digital marketing is working, optimized and engaging website which have all the right security certifications, trusted domain, hosting and high-quality content. It is on the top of the list because whatever you do in the digital world is directly connected to your website most often. Like all roads lead to Rome, all your digital marketing performance is to lead the client to the website. Therefore, a basic or thorough knowledge of website design is a great way to begin the digital marketing journey. 

2) Search Engine Optimization 

If you have plans to master digital marketing, you must know about search engine optimization. It is again vital to keep the website at the forefront of the search results. With SEO techniques and valuable and unique content, your half of the job which is to boost website traffic is accomplished. But make no mistake, there is a lot of technical stuff in SEO and learning about them you should be your aim.

3) Content Writing and Marketing  

Content, both unique and optimized impresses Google-like nothing else. At the same time, good content makes people read more. This means people visiting your website increases. Also, it increases the chance of conversion or sales. So, as you can see, it all begins with the right content with optimized SEO keywords. Along with writing, marketing of the content is equally an important strategy to ace digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization automatically receives a boost with excellent content and helpful marketing tactics. 

4) Social Media Marketing 

If SEO is kind of behind the scene activity that reaps benefits for the business, social media is the star of digital marketing. 

As you might have observed, digital marketing aspirants often opt for social media marketing course more than any other course. The reason behind this is that the students themselves are using social media marketing platforms. But again, using it for business growth and profits is a slightly different ball game. You must learn about all the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other upcoming platforms and how it works. 

Integrating all these platforms and churning out a remarkable strategy is what digital marketing does. As a digital marketer, you would need to have an excellent understanding to maximize business reach and growth. 

5) PPC

In short, PPC is one giant component of digital marketing. The Google AdWords and other PPC platforms are the key for any brand to achieve breakthrough growth in the digital world. The budget allocated for PPC campaigns are huge and the results are equally humungous. There are a lot of complex features and strategies brands must adopt to gain success in PPC. Who else is better equipped to help businesses than a digital marketer? A master in digital marketing would be able to impart the success of PPC to SEO too. 

You now know the key components of digital marketing and why they are stronger together. This will help you immensely to gain an advantage over others. Irrespective of digital marketing course fees, you must join a digital marketing institute to learn about these essential components in-depth and gain mastery. 

Basecamp Digital is one of the leaders in digital marketing education. Learn from professionals and qualified mentors who will help you learn and implement the latest trends in the industry. 


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