Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) Course in Mumbai

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Online marketplace is becoming very competitive. Search engine marketing is the most effective way for a business to grow and gain profits. Paid advertisements form an important part of SEM practices which helps businesses to appear on SERP’s – Search engine results page. It explores the opportunity to reach customers through pay per click ads and organically through SEO.

Google AdWords is an advertising service from Google which is the most used search engine in the world. Google allows users to display their ads on Google and its network. Basecamp Digital offers assistance to clear the Google AdWords Certification exam.

You will also learn Pay per click marketing, PPC campaign set-up, Understanding interface, learning navigation, types of network, click-through rate, cost per click, cost per view, advantages and more.

Google Ads Certification Courses

  • Getting to know about Google ads
  • Getting to know important metrics
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating your ad campaign
  • Creating your ad group
  • Understand the Quality Score
  • Optimize the performance
  • Remarketing

Types of Google Ads

  • Adwords Fundamental
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Mobile Ads


A huge amount of money is spent on Google Ads and pay per click by brands. To generate business leads and deliver outstanding results, expertise in PPC marketing is highly essential. Leading companies with big budget spend are looking for Google AdWords specialist who has Google Ads certification. Get handsome salaries and other perks at MNC’s and established firms.

This is the reason people go for paid marketing to get instant results, branding, and lead generation. We provide Google Ads certification course in Mumbai, Andheri.


Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing products and services through paid advertising on the search engine result pages.

  • You can reach your audience on an instant basis
  • Helps in brand awareness
  • Target the right audience at the right time
  • Helps in increasing website traffic
  • You can monitor campaigns on a real-time basis

The course duration of Search engine marketing is 6-7 hours excluding practical training session.

BaseCamp Digital is a leading Search Engine Marketing training institute in Mumbai. Get training under a professional trainer having more than 15 years of experience.

BaseCamp Digital offers search engine marketing training for Students, Working Professionals, homemakers, and those who want to change their career path.

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