Google Analytics


Analytics is an integral part of every digital marketing solutions, digital campaigns, and digital advertisement linked with search engine Google. The large chunk of customer data like clicks, visits, time, location, interests, and other behavior is recorded and provided in an understandable format using Google Analytics. Data is then analyzed and deep insights can be taken as output which further helps in improving and targeting campaigns.

The best part about Google Analytics is that the website and social media platforms like Facebook can also be integrated into it and data can be analyzed.

With Basecamp Digital’s Google Analytics Certification course in Mumbai, you can learn both basic and advanced levels. This module includes Analytics Account Set up, Learning the Interface, Understanding Dashboard, Report Generation, Understanding Analytics Data, Keyword Position, Integration with social media platforms, Learning about the Audience, Conversion Tracking, Understanding ROI, Reporting.


Google Analytics experts are in high demand among digital marketing agencies and businesses who depend on a large amount of customer data and consumer behavior to sell their products and services. A good salary package is also provided to Analytics professionals.

Google Analytics Academy is a platform from Google which provides free online courses. Industry experts at Basecamp Digital can help you understand the concepts better with world-class training.

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