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Email marketing is one of the oldest means through which businesses communicate and engage with customers. With innovations in tools and software combined with Email analytics and integrated email marketing solutions, it has become highly relevant in the present world.

Much like email marketing, SMS marketing involves sending promotional campaigns and marketing focused messages to the esteemed customers. SMS are usually more urgent, limited offers, updates, and alerts that ask customers to take action.

Personalized email content and SMS content is rated as the best means to build a lasting relationship with customers. The email marketing certification course with Basecamp Digital will equip you with email campaigns, increasing subscribers, email metrics analysis, optimization tools, A/B Testing, etc.

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Email Marketing course Contents

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Use of Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing tools
  • How to draft an email?
  • How to integrate with Social Media
  • How to track Email Marketing Campaign?
  • Technique to Avoid email in Spam filter


Email marketers and SMS markets are part of the digital marketing team. You can work in digital marketing agencies or get job opportunities at big companies that cater their services to a large network of customers. You will play a major role in helping the organization achieve its weekly, monthly and yearly email marketing and SMS campaign objectives.

Ace the email marketing profile by completing the email marketing certification course with Basecamp Digital.


Email marketing is part of Digital Marketing and we send the email to clients and prospects by introducing our products and services.

It can improve the direct response from users, however, overusing it may lead to a bad user experience.

Many companies do email marketing, along with digital marketing. Email marketing helps indirect conversion, but it should not be overused. Email marketing course includes how to write an email for better conversion, how to increase the open rate, how it helps in drive traffic to your website.

Most of the institutes charge 10K - 12K for this course. We offer it in our Digital Marketing course, so we only charge for 15K for an entire Digital Marketing course. Rather than learning an Email Marketing course, you may enroll for our Digital Marketing course.

At BaseCamp Digital, we do provide a complete email marketing course. We include an Email Marketing course in our Digital Marketing course, however, If you want to learn only email marketing, we may charge you 2-3K Approximately which suffices the conditions.

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